Welcome to our video tutorials page! Here we provide you with informative videos to help you fully understand lightsabers. Whether you're a Jedi, a Sith, or just a lightsaber enthusiast, our video tutorials can enhance your lightsaber experience. So grab your lightsaber, sit back and let our experts guide you on an exciting journey into the world of lightsabers.

May the Force be with you!

1.The first video shows what's included in the RGB version of the lightsaber package. Lightsaber handle + 82cm RGB blade + manual + installation package (includes data cable). Hope this can help you better understand the information content of the items you purchased.

2.The second video explains how to install the display stand. You need to tear off the yellow protective film first. Because it is made of sub-chocolate material and is easy to scratch, so there is a protective film on the surface.

3.The third video describes what’s inside the Pixel lightsaber packaging. Lightsaber handle + 82cm pixel blade + display stand + blade plug + manual + installation package (Includes data cable). Only the Pixel version in the Master Tier and Knight Tier series can get an additional display stand + sword stopper. The packaging may vary, only the wide handle box uses the box in this video. If the handle you choose is a regular size, it will be packaged in RGB video.(as per the first video)

4.The fourth video is about how to install the blade. Both RGB blade and Pixel blade can be referred to the content in the video. The key point is to put the blade in, align the lamp head, and tighten the screws.

5.The fifth video is about how to charge the all-in-one chassis kit. We have two types of chassis kits. One is an all-in-one type that uses a data cable to charge. The other chassis is the pull-out type, which requires unscrewing the pommel (not removing it from the middle of the handle). Use the charging case to charge.


6.How to charge refers to the sixth video. The key point is that you need to use a 5V2A charging head, otherwise the battery will be burnt out due to too much power. You can use the computer interface to charge.

7.The seventh video is about checking if the battery is working properly. You can refer to the video. There is a power-on sound when installing the battery, which means it can work normally after being powered on. If there is no power-on sound, you can try to move the battery shrapnel to make better contact between the battery and the shrapnel. If you still don’t have power-on sound, please send an email to contact our staff.

8.The eighth video is about how to use the hilt connector. Connectors are usually used for Apprentice Tier Lightsabers. Remove the base-mounted connector to create a pair of double-edged swords.

9.The ninth video explains how to install the Belt clip. The Belt clip is an accessory for players who have a lightsaber on their belt. The video shows the combination of the Covertech wheel and the belt clip. If you need to purchase, you can find the link in the accessories.

10.The tenth video is about how to wrap the tape to the handle. Some basic models will be equipped with a strap by default, with the purpose of increasing the friction of the grip during the duel. For specific winding methods, please refer to the video.